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Do-It-Yourself Cybersecurity Gap Assessment (FFIEC Assessment Tool)

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Need to perform a Security Gap Assessment and don't want to pay a consultant thousands of dollars in consulting fees? We've taken the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment ("FFIEC CAT") and created a calculator to produce a gap assessment report for your CEO or Board of Directors. You will need to interview your staff and complete the "Inherent Risk," "Cybersecurity Maturity" questionnaires, and SECURELY send the answers (instructions will be provided). We crunch the numbers and send you and encrypted report showing your gaps.


The questionnaire responses should be considered HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL for your organization and every measure should be taken to secure these responses and final report. If you choose to purchase this service, New Oceans Enterprises, LLC will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement and standard agreement to protect both you and us to initiate the process. Please also review the "Documents" section of this site to download copies of Donna Gallaher's professional credentials and verification of security background check from, and retain this information as evidence for your internal or external audit team.

Once you receive your report and are satisfied with the responses, we will securely shred your questionnaire and send back a confirmation that your data has been destroyed.

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